“Art is the journey of a free soul.” Alev Oguz

Our visual arts program is designed for students with an artistic interest. It promotes aesthetic and intellectual growth. The program is comprised of various disciplines including drawing, painting, photography, and graphic design. Visual arts helps students develop critical thinking skills and fosters creativity. Additionally, it boosts students’ academic achievement, encourages student engagement, and contributes to post-secondary success.

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Explore photography at our esteemed program, where we prioritize vision and creativity. Master basics to advanced post-processing, capturing moments for eternity. Join us, and let’s make memories tangible and everlasting.

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Our experienced faculty guides students through immersive photographic experiences. Field trips, studio sessions, and critiques foster hands-on learning. Delve into photography’s history and its potent storytelling ability with us.

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Whether a novice or a seasoned photographer, our course adapts. Delve into advanced subjects, including aerial shots and drones. Access state-of-the-art equipment in our modern studio and graduate with a distinguished portfolio.


Murals are featured prominently around the school. Most murals were completed by students and local artists.

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Our mural program celebrates expansive visual storytelling. Dive into vibrant color palettes, techniques, and large-scale artistic expressions.

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Guided by seasoned artists, students conceptualize and bring life to grand ideas. Walls transform into canvases, echoing voices and visions.

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Beyond aesthetics, murals foster community engagement. Together, we paint stories, inspire conversations, and beautify our surroundings.

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3d Art

3-D Printing Arts, a component of our burgeoning STEAM program, is the integration of science and art. Students create digital models and print physical, three-dimensional representations of their masterpieces.

Art In The Gardens

Art in the Gardens is the annual arts festival hosted by the visual arts staff and students. This community engagement event allows the students to showcase their art.

Embark on a Transformative Journey!

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