Nurturing passions for aspiring creatives.

At Diamond Minds Transformational Leadership Academy, our private middle school in Miami Gardens is dedicated to providing an empowering and enriching educational experience that inspires young students to be the best they can be. Discover our arts-focused middle school curriculum, and contact us to learn more today!


Nurturing Passions For Aspiring Creatives

Diamond Minds School of Arts is our middle school program, which provides our students with a blend of rigorous academics and intense study in the arts. Every student dives deeply into dance, music, theatre, and visual arts, expressing and exploring the creativity of the soul. Students are committed to arts at the deepest level, often spending hours every day training and rehearsing their chosen art form.

Academically, students engage in personalized learning and participate in programs that prepare them to take on leadership roles throughout the school as well as begin to explore areas of interest. Transitioning into leaders in the school, students are given opportunities to serve their fellow classmates. Through organizing and leading programs such as student government, the morning announcements, and the school café students learn to be responsible and caring citizens of the world.

Scholarship Opportunities

Part of our mission at Diamond Minds is to make our excellent resources more accessible. Our scholarship program allows students from a variety of backgrounds the opportunity to learn with us. Learn more about our scholarships today!


Experiential Learning and Travel

During middle school, students have an opportunity to travel to expand their horizons, broaden their worldview, and grow through experience. This aspect of the program has allowed students to travel to Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, Colorado, Washington D.C. and the Bahamas.

Dedicated Educators, Personalized Guidance

Our experienced educators serve as mentors and guides, fostering an environment where students feel supported and empowered. With small class sizes, individualized attention, and a growth-focused mindset, we ensure that each student’s unique strengths are recognized and nurtured.


Embark on a Transformative Journey!

We look forward to embarking on this transformative educational journey with you and your child. Contact us anytime to learn more!