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The School of Arts is Diamond Minds’ middle school program providing a blend of rigorous academics and intense study in the arts. Every student dives deeply into dance, music, and/or visual arts, expressing and exploring the creativity of the soul. Students are committed to arts at the deepest level, often spending hours every day training and rehearsing their chosen art form.

children paintingAcademically, students engage in personalized learning and participate in programs that prepare them for high school and university. In the summer, students participate in the Florida International Summer Program, staying on campus and studying subjects including architecture, engineering, and marine biology. Students begin SAT preparation and explore how their talents in arts can help propel them into admissions into university and colleges.

Becoming global citizens, the School of Arts and secondary students participate together in cultural exchange programs, international visits, and a unique global outreach program. Students previously have visited foreign countries including Costa Rica, Puerto Rico, and the Bahamas. In the unique global outreach program, students lead and organize trips to a foreign country, creating service projects to offer in that countries including teaching English and raising funds to provide supplies to their local schools. Preparing for the trip, students learn the countries culture, language, geography, and customs, gaining a greater understanding and appreciation of the world.

Transitioning into leaders in the school, students are given opportunities to serve their fellow classmates. Through organizing and leading programs such as student government, the morning announcements, the Diamond Minds café, and the gaming and movie madness Saturday events, students learn to be responsible and caring citizens of the world.

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