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primaryThe Primary School consists of the Early Elementary and Upper Elementary programs. The Early Elementary program at Diamond Minds serves children in Kindergarten to 2nd grade. The Upper Elementary program serves students in grades 3-5. The primary school is a transformational learning experience where students learn to become responsible for their own learning and passionately involved in activities that inspire their continued development. It is our goal for our students to cultivate an authentic and healthy sense of themselves and their place in the world, thus gaining the confidence to resist the temptation to define themselves through others.

The curriculum is designed to assist students in developing the positive life skills and work ethic that will adequately prepare them for middle and high school. The goal of the core classes is to cultivate student achievement by providing challenges that promote intellectual, social, emotional and creative excellence. Each student comes to Diamond Minds with a set of individual skills and gifts; the purpose of the curriculum is to help students find and enrich these strengths.

Infused in all areas of our program is the development of an understanding of the rights and responsibilities of citizenship as well as what it means to be an active and informed citizen. This approach enables our students to discover the connections between themselves and their peers, their families, local communities and the world we all share.

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