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Magic Moments Music and Art Family Class

For children ages 3 to 7

Get ready to clap your hands, tap your feet, and shake your maraca to the beat! Families will have the opportunity to experience a fun and engaging 30 minute music group focused on early literacy concepts, building positive relationships, encouraging self-expression, and imaginative play. All music and activities will be provided by a board certified music therapist. At Magical Hands friends of all ages and abilities are welcome to join in the fun. Because of our extensive knowledge in music therapy we understand the benefits of musical interactions so family members are encouraged to sing and play along as we laugh and learn together!
After music time has finished, families will then be able to participate in an interactive art class. This class will focus on creativity, discovery, and self-expression as children learn how to produce art that is unique and special while exploring their senses in a safe and fun way. All art projects created by the children can be taken home at the end of each class.

Spring Session begins March 3rd through April 28th

Payment and Refund Policies
  • 8 week class: $200
  • Each additional sibling: $100
  • Children under 1 are free
  • Registration fee: $15

To register, please click on the link below and complete the application

Any family wishing to withdraw from music and art classes may do so with a $25.00 cancellation fee BEFORE classes for the current session begin. No refunds are given after the start of each session of classes.

Guest Policy

If you need to bring another child or sibling to class as a guest, you must contact us through email at: meaghangasch@uco-ucpsfl.org to check on availability first.

Make-up Classes

Two make up days will be offered for each session of classes unless inclement weather or another unexpected emergency causes classes to be cancelled. The two available make up days will be scheduled as needed, but only on weekdays as part of a separate early childhood afterschool program.

Helpful Notes and Tips

Feel free to dress comfortably! Please wear comfy clothes. In our classes you and your child will be sitting on the floor, dancing around the room, and our art projects might even get a little messy!

For our music time, we will be using a “Hello Song” ritual to welcome children and families at the beginning of each class. This song is an important part of our musical routine, so please arrive on time for class.

We also ask that during music time you try to keep conversations and other distractions to a minimum. This is a time for bonding, creating, and having fun as a family. YOU are the key to your children growing and learning. You are the best role model, so if your child sees you singing and playing, then they will connect to the experience in a much deeper way. Since it can be difficult for a young child to tune out noises or adult conversation, please wait to socialize with other adults until after the music class has finished.

Allow your child to participate at their own comfort level. Some days that may mean they are observing more (especially during the first couple of classes) and other days they may be very active and exploring everything! As long as your child is safe to himself and others, we encourage every child to experience the class in the way that is most meaningful and developmentally appropriate for them.

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